Firm Profile


Our mission:

Working in national and international context , making valuable our customers by developing and offering quality service and product oriented solutions, contributing to our employees' work and personal development, working and producing with our common values by focusing on the future are always our priorities.

Our vision:

As a Soylu İplik,our vision is to be the preferred global company that comes to mind first, which is aware of social responsibility, with expert staff and customer-focused service,widespread service network,reliability and quality management, which faithful to their values,pioneer in product diversity,appreciates customers and employees and accesses to a large audience with products and services. Our employees are proud to work with us  and we offer a trustful environment for our customers. For a company Soylu Iplik to serve customers qualitatively is corporate principle.

Our Corporate Responsibilities:

Soylu Group has adopted the principle of achieving high standards of performance and corporate responsibility in all its works. For this reason Soylu Group ,

  • Combining its professional competence with a leadership mentality that motivates employees for high performance,
  • Open-minded, capable to prehensile the needs and priorities of the firm, having the ability to query decisions and policies
  • Having the flexibility to improve the experience
  • It aims to choose, develop and upgrade individuals who have spent their time on corporate principles in their decisions and behaviors

Our Individual Responsibilities:

Soylu Group believes that success depends on the talent and performance of the employees of the company. Therefore, the company Soylu Group has the following rules in company:

  • Everyone in the institution should respect each other's rights and honor,
  • Improving the skills of employees, to use their capabilities and potentials in an optimal way, to promote information sharing and open dialogue,
  • Evaluating the performance and contribution made for the success of the institution
  • Encouraging diversity, ensuring equal opportunities
  • Providing a working environment where health and safety is maintained at the optimal level

Our Social Responsibilities:

Our company aims at achieving high ethical and social standards in all commercial activities and environmental protection. In applying these standards, we are working closely with the authorities and society in accordance with local, national and international laws. Respecting and protecting human rights wherever it is effective is part of this approach.

Our Environmental Responsibilities:

To live tomorrow in an ecologically clean environment, to leave nature  green for the future generation, to be as close as possible now and in the future to  nature, we try to prevent the threat of environmental pollution. We were very careful in the selection of technology, and tried to find and choose the best option both for environment and for society. In order to accomplish responsibilities to society and the environment Soylu Iplik has the following rules:

  • Prevent environmental pollution
  • Reduce pollution at source
  • Conduct environmental activities in accordance with national legislation and internationally recognized management system standards
  • Constantly follow up customers' environmental rules and operate in accordance with these rules